Thursday, September 29, 2011

Clockwork Mod and CF-Root for Samsung i9003 Galaxy SL

First of all... Thanks Chainfire!!!! This is totally based on your work.... Skin1980 made only some MOD....

What is clockworkmod?
  -Clockwork Mod is a modification of recovery console that gives you some extra ability:

1. You can make foll backup of your phone. and restore it even if your phone is soft bricked (but you can go into recovery console).
2. You can apply unsigned files that created by other developers to easy apply some mods or themes. Also you can even don't rename that file to "", just place it in some directory of your external sd card and use "install zip from sd card" option.
3. you can create access to your external sd card from PC even if your phone in the recovery menu

- Added EXT4 filesystem support for the kernel ( now you can convert to ext4 to improve performanca);
- CWM with double RFS / EXT4 filesystem support;
- Busybox;
- Juwe11 RamScript from

What is CF-Root?
-is a combination of CWM and other tweaks.
the tweaks that included are:
           - CWM
           - ROOT
         - Busybox 1.17.2;
           - Sqlite3 v3.7.2;
           - init.d support (you can put in the folder /system/etc/init.d all the script that you want to be loaded at the startup);
          - New fixed CWM ( unyaffs issue has been fixed - offline charge fixed - USB storage mode while in CWM fixed);
          - Add EXT4 support to the phone ( so you can convert the filesystem to ext4 to improve performance);
         - full working CWM Manager (backup - restore - delete backup - install apk - flash - flash  kernel - reboot to CWM);
        - Tweaks Manager with various tweak ( Ram Min Free - SD Speed - I/O Scheduler - Kernel Scheduler - CPU Conservative Governor - Swappiness - Ram Script by Juwe11 - Media Stagefright)---        > Many people asked for Juwe Ram Script ---> to enable it completely choose in the Tweaks Manager: Ram Script - Ram Min Free and Swappiness;
        - Auto ZIP-Align on boot - You can choose it in the tweaks app(NEW)
        - Reviewed tweaks values (some from darky's rom some from hardcore some from other post in XDA)( thanks to bigeyes0x0 and Misledz )(NEW)
        - Custom Boot-Animation support (place your custom bootanimation in /system/media/ and call it

How to Flash CWM and CF-root?

- you can flash it via odin
- you need to have appropriate CWM or CF-Root that match to your firmware.
- just put your phone into download mode and put the CWM or CF-Root to PDA
- then flash and wait till it reboots.

ClockworkMod by Skin1980

This is the full-functional CWM recovery ported by me for the Samsung GT-I9003. Here some screenshot:

LINK: GT-I9003_PDA-DDKB2.tar GT-I9003_PDA-DXKB2.tar GT-I9003_PDA-LUBKB1.tar GT-I9003_PDA-XXKB1.tar GT-I9003_PDA-ZHKC1.tar GT-I9003_PDA-XXKC1.tar GT-I9003_PDA-ZCKC1.tar GT-I9003_PDA-XXKB3.tar GT-I9003_PDA-JPKE1.tar GT-I9003_PDA-DXKE1.tar GT-I9003_PDA-XWKB1.tar GT-I9003_PDA-DDKF1.TAR GT-I9003_PDA-XXKPE.tar GT-I9003_PDA-JVKD1.tar GT-I9003_PDA-XXKPH.tar

CF-Root by Skin1980



thanks to skin1980 and falex007
from xda developers


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