Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How to Update Samsung i9003 Galaxy SL to Gingerbread

There are only two regions for now who can update Samsung i9003 Galaxy SL to Gingerbread via Kies its only Europe and Russia but with the help of some other virtual friends and some blog like this its now been pass thru some people who has knowledge in Android Flashing.. I am not good in flashing and actually it is my 1st time to have a Android Phone as i said earlier...

Just a tip for a newbie like me:
1. Please be sure of what you are doing.
2. Read Instruction carefully
3. If you dont sure what you're doing, please dont hesitate to ask to some experience person.
4. Please be guided of the Instruction always.
5. And Lastly if you failed to do so, do not hesitate to go to Service Center near you.. :)

Disclaimer: I am not responsible when you brick your device. just want to help you and share my experience with you.

Lets Start:

You will need:
      *A Computer (Laptop/Personal Computer) with Windows Operating System
      *A Samsung i9003 Galaxy SL
      *A mini USB cord (its in the box of your phone)
      *And a strong heart :)

1st you will need to download a Firmware for Samsung i9003 Galaxy SL to samfirmware
you will need to make an account for you to download an exact firmware for our phone.
then put your cursor to the TOOLBOX > FIRMWARE > FW ANDROID > then look for our phone below.
This is the exact picture of the firmwares that we have:
You can see that we have 2.2.1 and 2.3.4.

The 2.2.1 is an Froyo Firmware and the 2.3.4 is an Gingerbread Firmware.
You will need to download only 1 firmware and the most usable firmware that we have now is the XXKPH but you will need to flash the XXKPE twice before you can Flash XXKPH because of some bugs.
Now if you download the XXKPE firmware and extract it you will see odin.exe file inside the folder.
open it and you will saw this:
1st you will need to hold your phone and go to download mode:
just turn off your phone and 
*press volume down + home button and follow the powerbutton and wait for android downloadmode to pop out on the phone screen.
*And now get the micro USB and plug it to your phone and to your computer.
*the odin must recognize your phone
*then click repartition
*then click PIT
*look for latona_20110114.pit on the folder of XXKPE.
*the flash
*if done pls pull the USB and your Battery off, 
*then Put the Battery Back
*And Go to download mode Again
*back to odin pls click reset

Now its time to Flash to XXKPE pls put the items Accordingly.
*Click PDA button and select PDA file: example: I9003xxxxx-xxx...-PDA-low-CL890053.tar.md5 
*Click PHONE button and select MODEM file: example MODEM_I9003xxxxx_REV_00_CL889972.tar.md5
*Click CSC button and select CSC file: example: GT-I9003-CSC-xxxxxx.tar.md5 

*Then Flash wait until you see "PASS" on the odin
*Then Just do a factory reset after flash.
this is how to factory reset *2767*3855# type it on the dialer tab

As I said we need to Flash XXKPE Twice so that we wont encounter any bugs
*pls repeat the Flashing
*then do a factory reset again.

Congratulations!!! you now have a Gingerbread ROM!


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