Thursday, October 20, 2011


       -is a "SIRI" application for Android.

The voice control is now been part of Android development. Siri is now breaking the fun with its superior search and capabilities. However the team from build a Siri like application for android.
Its called "IRIS". Iris also allows you to search on various topics, the translations of works of art, history and more. Now we ask, "What is the fish?" And he answers in the article Wikipedia focusing our finned friends.
This app will soon be available in the market, but I recently found and tested this, but its pretty cool. Android uses text-to-speech features is meant the application of fundamental issues and Narayan and his friends, all the better time.
The coolest is? Hours of eight finish in app.

                                              if you want to try it you can download the apk here.


Dave Josef said...

wow... nice iris :D xD its like simsimi

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