Monday, October 3, 2011


Date released September 29, 2011
credits to bangalorerohan
Custom Rom only for Gingerbread XXKPH

Zodiac! Have a try of it! If you like it...It will be a pleasure! If you don't, I am really very sorry!

Coming to the point:

       What's inside this rom?

Installation Procedure:

V1.1- Changed the update-script
-Removed overscroll glow [Coming in 1.2]
-Added new transperant lockscreen
-Added youtube as user-deletable app


-> Added a new and simple theme to swiften the UI
-> Added suppourt for
->Music player added
->Browser added
->Fixed launch time for some users
->Added CRT effect
->Build.prop tweaked!
->Added tweaked s2 keyboard for no lag!
V1.1.4-> Added proper working 5lock Screen Mod
-> Blue overscroll Glow
-> CRT effect
->Extended Power Menu
-> Tweaked the dialer to avoid FCs


V1.1-> Multiupload (139 MB)
V1.1(hotfix)->Multiupload(4 MB)
V1.1.3-> Multiupload (6 MB)


Narchuk said...

And WHERE is the dwnl link to V1.1.4 ?

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